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Thread: Marhaba (welcome) and please introduce yourself

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    Am thinking of making a first bike trip to Morocco in April 2014 - along with a friend. And while researching - your website forum always has the best information and advice.

    I live in Scotland.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Hi guys,
    Firstly thanks Tim for your efforts... Its obviously a labour of love... Well done!
    Glad to be part of the comunity. I'm English but have lived in southern Spain for the last 25 years. Having done a number of Morocco excursions in 4x4 only recently having moved up to a bike... I would never go back to using a tin box in such a wonderous country.
    My trusty 15 year old R1100Gs pulls me through all the gorgeous roads and pistes that were an endurance test on 4 wheels... I just love being on a bike in Morocco... The further south the better...
    Cant't wait for the next trip!
    Always interested in finding new and interesting pistes so any recomendations always welcome
    Enjoy Morocco and ride safe... Remember that as Muslims they believe in fate... This DOES affect the way they drive... And could easily affect your life expectancy!

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