White Gold, Giles Milton
Set in the 17th and 18th centuries, this is the extraordinary story of the Salée Rovers and North Africa's one million European slaves. A must-read if you are planning to visit Meknes.

Lords of the Atlas, Gavin Maxwell
The rise and fall of the House of Glaoua, the family who controlled the major pass over the High Atlas, providing a historical record of Morocco from 1893 to 1956. Particularly good backgrounder for the Telouet Kasbah on route C14.

Historical Travel
The people who wrote the books detailed below were the true explorers of Morocco at a time when metalled roads were either non-existent or the exception and most travelling was undertaken by mule.

Travels in the Atlas and Southern Morocco, Joseph Thompson (25MB PDF download)
A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Thompson was a Scottish geologist and avid African explorer who made a trip to the Atlas mountains in 1888.

Morocco that Was, Walter Harris (43MB PDF download)
Writing in 1921, Harris describes the time of the last sultans before the establishment of the French Protectorate writing of rulers who were totally out-of-touch with their subjects and corrupted by western technology and trinkets. Plus ça change!

In the Tail of the Peacock, Isabel Savory
Accompanied by a female photographer friend, Savory's vivid descriptions of the country in 1901 enable an insight into Morocco as it used to be.

In Morocco, Edith Wharton
Travelling by military vehicle in the closing days of World War I, just a few years after the start of the French Protectorate, Wharton tells of opulent palaces, religious ceremonies and ritual dances.

Adventure Travel Travel
Morocco Overland, Chris Scott
Well-known author of 'Adventure Motorcycling Handbook', this route book concentrates mainly on the 'desert' areas of southern Morocco.

Moutaineering in the Moroccan High Atlas, Des Clark
Covers all the 4000m peaks in the High Atlas, including Jbel Toubkal in the central region and Ighil Mgoun in the east, and Jbel Tinergwet, Jbel Awlim and the Tichka plateau in the south-west. Routes described can be undertaken in the spring and autumn, but most have been described with a winter ascent in mind.

Moroccan Atlas—The Trekking Guide, Alan Palmer
Covers Jebel Toubkal, Jebel Mgoun, Jebel Siroua and Jebel Sahro regions. No coverage of the Anti Atlas, Middle Atlas or the Rif.

Trekking in the Atlas Mountains, Karl Smith
Covers Jebel Toubkal, Jebel Mgoun and Jebel Sahro regions. Tiny mention of Jebel Siroua, however no coverage of Anti Atlas, Middle Atlas or the Rif.

Camping Morocco, Vicarious Books
100 open-all-year camp sites in Morocco, plus another 50 sites along the coastline.

The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco, Richard Hamilton
Richard gave a great talk to the British Moroccan Society on the research he undertook in documenting the rich oral tradition of the storytellers of Djemma el Fna.

A House in Fez, Suzanna Clarke
Whilst majoring on the efforts in restoring a riad in the medina of Fez, this book gives a great insight into the Moroccan way of life.

Buying a House in Morocco, Abby Aron
An excellent source of information on regulations and red tape but providing also a great insight into the Moroccan psyche.

Culture Shock! Morocco, Orin Hargraves
A comprehensive guide to everyday customs and etiquette.

Wildlife and Geology
Birds of Europe, with North Africa and Middle East, Lars Jonsson
Morocco is a twitcher's paradise with many unusual species of birds wintering in the warm sun. This is the book I use, though there are many alternatives. Prion Birdwatchers' Guide to Morocco is also highly rated but I haven't read it.

Rocks and Minerals, Chris Pellant (Amazon)
Suitable for both beginners and experienced collectors with more than 600 colour photographs.