The Skoura Oasis to the east of Ouarzazate is renowned for its pisé architecture and an interesting demonstrations of agriculture in a semi-arid environment. There’s a huge network of variable quality tracks through the oasis, however the 21-km route illustrated below is close to being a ‘green’ so in good weather is passable by ordinary 2WD vehicles. This could be combined with routes S21 or S31.

Some of the photos were shot in spring, others in autumn.

km2.5: Kasbah Amerhidl as featured on the older 50dh banknotes

km3: exit on good piste

km6: harvesting dates

km6.5: almond blossom in the spring

km7: dogwood in the autumn

km8: irrigation channel

km9: exploring pisé buildings

km10: easy piste

km12.2: Dar Lorkam

km13.7: leave the oasis crossing the wide river bed