This is a 77-km link route between the crossroads town of Demnate and the start of the ‘Happy Valley’ piste route.

It includes some fairly dusty, but blue (non-technical) piste as well as a visit to the natural bridge of Imi n’Ifri and two examples of dinosaur footprints.

km0: centre of Demnate with shops, cafés and fuel

km6: one of the two new hotels on the road to Imi n'Ifri

km8.2: John Cressy at Imi n'Ifri, a massive natural bridge that is well worth exploring

Easy path to the bottom

To give you an idea of the scale, look for the two people standing at the bottom

km14.8: park up to check out the dinosaur footprints

Helpfully outlined with white paint!

No shortage of willing volunteers to show you

km22: unusual viewpoint of a stream culvert—interesting when in flood

km28: lovely twisting road

km31: fairly easy piste

km42: piste disappearing into the distance

km49: spectacular strata

km52: juniper trees

km56.9: piste junction with the M'goun Massif in the distance

km72: a ksar overlooking the valley coming from Azilal