Starting from Demnate, this scenic 161-km tarmac route stops firstly at the spectacular Cascades d’Ouzoud waterfalls, then passes the lovely Bin el Ouidane reservoir and across the top of the dam before heading over the mountain range to meet the main road from Marrakech to Beni Mellal.

(Cascade is the name given to a waterfall that has several stages or tiers.)

km0: start in Demnate with its shops, cafés and fuel

km62: this is the pretty side of the Cascades d'Ouzoud

but sometimes the river is in flood (Norwegians on a Moto Morocco tour)

km119: start of hairpin bends descending to the Bin el Ouidane reservoir

km124: popular place for watersports, picnics and camping

km127: I would love to know what the structure on the right is (overlooking the dam)

km128: the road crosses the dam

km135: preparing for a fantasia (cavalry charge) at a moussem (festival)

km145: looking over the plain towards Beni Mellal