Azrou and its surrounding area is my favourite part of Morocco. This all-day 114-km circuit on blue non-technical pistes and roads takes in many of the highlights—monkeys, volcanoes and some spectacular rock formations which look like the album covers of old ‘Yes’ records, hence the name of the route!

My favourite extract for this route reads, "You are now descending into the caldera of an extinct volcano..." How cool is that!

So drop your luggage, and gird your loins for a cracking day out.

km5.7: Barbary Apes in the cedar forests near Azrou

sitting pretty

km8.3: Cedre Gourand is supposed to be over 800 years old but looks as lively as a Norwegian Blue Parrot

smooth limestone gravel pistes—they aren't all like this

km18: the 'blue' ski slope at the Mischleiffen in spring...

... and winter

the one on the left must be a red or even a black. The King's Lodge is visible in the trees

km30: great network of pistes

km31.6: on the edge of another caldera with a volcanic cone in the background...

... and gas-bubbled ejecta in the foreground

km34.5: Jebel Hebri, another ski slope, and yes, another volcano

indistinct tracks

km40: descending through cedar trees

km44: once more in the open, heading cross country towards Ifrane

km46: collecting drinking water from fresh water springs in the limestone karst

km68.5: face off in the Valley of the Rocks

Topographical Oceans anyone? These rocks are really massive.

km82: running up the side of a limestone valley

km86: turning west for Ifrane

km92: pretty limestone valley

km94: white Cattle Egrets (Bubulcus ibis) are small heron that feed on insects disturbed by large mammals