This is a lovely blue (non-technical) 101-km piste route through the limestone karst and cedar forests of the Middle Atlas. Lots of opportunities for wild camping as most of the land is under the control of the government’s ‘Eau et Foret’ organisation.

Some of the route is within forested area which tends to dry slowly, so if it’s been raining recently (or snowing) the piste is likely to be muddy.

Photos below taken on a variety of trips at different times of the year.

km5: riding one-handed on ice to take this photo of two Italian guys I met in the Panorama Hotel in Azrou

km6: Barbary Apes on the edge of the cedar forest

filmed in July when the new babies are beginning to become independent

km7: riding across the moonscape plateau

km14: phosphates excavation is also a 'courting spot' for locals (being polite here)

km17: now on the piste, one of the several deep volcanic vents

Honda XR400 looks tiny on the other side of the vent

another year, another bike, this time a BMW F650GS twin

km26: I never tire of taking photos of the cedar forests

in winter time branches are laid down to provide traction, so keep a look out

km31: lovely limestone outcrop

...what could be easier?

...and more beautiful?

km35: I have another photo from three years earlier and the tree looks just the same

km37: junction with a well-graded piste

km42: start of a long descent

km48: yes, the ascent is as steep as it looks!

km47: each time I pass this village the river crossing has moved with floods

corrugated roofs like the Rif mountain villages, and thorn animal enclosure

km50: looking back on the 180-m ascent, lots of momentum required

km52: BMW R1200 GSA is ideal on these easy pistes

km53: the piste has since been widened

and after crossing the river, the piste traverses left across the cliff face... here

km59: lovely beaten earth

km90: now on tarmac but brilliant scenery

km95: chance for some offroading in the bowl

km101: junction with the N13