This is an exciting 93-km green (tarmac/good gravel) route heading east through marvellous countryside. The first 9km are tarmac, then there's a 31km section to Anfgou that is currently is a well graded gravel road normally suitable for 2WD traffic (it is likely this section will be sealed with tarmac by mid 2011).

From Anfgou onwards the route is good tarmac swooping through cedar, thuja and holm oak forests and is one of the most scenic routes in Morocco.

There is a red (technical) 19km piste option separately documented as the ‘E30 Agheddou River Piste’ which starts at Anfgou. There are also a couple of other blue piste and offroad ‘play’sections described.

Photographs are a mix from several trips along this route.

km20: several small hamlets on the piste section

km21.1: after Tabanast the piste heads up the valley to the right

km25.8: after Tizi n'Inouzane (2663m) there is a spectacular 700m descent

km28: lovely smooth piste

km30.5: Auberge Rex, one of the many gites d'etapes on this route

km32: I'm about to be covered in dust

km32: the hamlet of Tighadouine

km38.5: Gite Fazaz

blossom in springtime

km40: the newly constructed tarmac road starts at Anfgou

km46: one of the most spectacular roads in Morocco

km47: a serious example of revetments—Moroccan roadbuilders are excellent

km57: ridged rock formations at Anmezi

and even snow clearing equipment

km70.2: Gite Oudadn with its garden chairs set out in the orchard overlooking the river

looks pretty good

km74: third ford on this route

km75.5: Gite Tagoudite

km77: off-route play area on the piste to Taararte

three Polish riders

km91: hill climb competition anyone?

km94: end of this route and the start of routes E14 and E22