This is a seldom-used traverse of the High Atlas mountains heading north from Ouarzazate travelling through spectacular scenery with a visit to a film set, ride over three tizis and along the beautiful Tassaout Valley, then a walk through the massive natural bridge of Imi n’Ifri before finishing at Demnate.

Although an all-tarmac route there can be debris on the road after heavy rains.

Photos are a mixture from different trips.

km21: film set 200m from the road

km22: road stretching into the distance towards the High Atlas mountains

km40: now entering the foothills and starting the climb

km50: I keep meaning to explore this piste

km55: great light nearing sunset

km67: desolate in places

km68.9: looking down from Tizi n’Fedhrat into what I term 'debris valley'

km71: and then a couple of km further on you reach the beautiful Tassaout Valley

km82: Gite Toughrine on the left with the 'lateral souq' on the other side of the river

close-up of the lateral souq

piste leading to route 'S21 Tisgui Loop'

km84: looking back on the piste and Gite Toughrine in wintertime

km86: stone rather than pisé architecture

km104: open bowl on the way to the second tizi

km115: looking down from Tizi n-Outfi

km127: the river disappears into a gorge by the red cliffs

km135: good video point at the third tizi

km148: explanation of Imi n'Ifri

the road crosses the natural bridge by the white poles at top of photo

photo doesn't do justice to the scale of the massive bridge