I’ve always held that the Tichka pass is best done travelling north whilst the Test pass is best done travelling south, so this is the way I’ve documented the Test.

As it’s a major road there’s no need for detailed instructions, the reason for including this as a route is to document the central part of the pass which has an excellent video point.

This 77-km all-tarmac route could be combined with all or part of ‘W21 Lady Lake and Neolithic Shelter’, alternatively just leave Marrakech on the R203 and head south through Asni.

A couple of piste options are included in the notes.

Photographs from various trips—including 1972 when the pass was still a piste.

looking back on the first of the offroute offroading options

km8.7: Tin Mal mosque, once the centre of a major town...

... is currently undergoing renovation

km28: travelling in a Series I Land Rover in 1972 when the pass was still a piste

km30: almost the same spot (near the video point)

km31: looking down from the video point

km34: another shot looking back towards the north (the red/white mast is the video point)

northern part of the pass covering the video point area

southern part of the pass covering the tizi and the start of the descent

km41.7: the actual tizi is quite disappointing but the hotel overview further on is something else!

km42: looking down from the hotel overview

Tommaso and girlfriend from Milan on a rented Kymko Agility125

star of many photos on the Test

km42.5: photo opportunity where the road does a complete 180°

km45.5: mind your head on the overhang

km48: looking back on the switchbacks

km51.4: you can see the road stretching away bordering the trees

Riding north up the Test pass

km53: riding north up the Test

the road is fairly narrow but there's not much traffic

Riad Hida in Ouled Berhil

Riad Hida dining room

Riad Hida in Ouled Berhil