Starting from just north of Mirleft, this 161-km route takes a rough piste to a paragliding launch point, then into the Souss Massa national park on an intensive sandy piste along the ocean.

After visiting the estuary of the Oued Massa you then have the choice of continuing alongside the ocean on piste to the cave houses of Tifnit, or heading inland on tarmac. It finishes in the surfing town of Taghazoute.

This is a natural continuation of route ‘A10 Legzira Sea Arches’ and the finish point of Taghazoute puts you within easy start of route ‘W31 Paradise Valley Cascades’.

km0: boats drawn up on the beach near the start point

km11: paragliders hunting the thermals

km13: ascending the rough piste

km33: gate guardians of Aglou Plage

manipulated photo showing a composite map of the Souss Massa park

km40: often best to avoid other tracks

km46: this was pretty tricky riding solo with luggage (momentum is your friend)

km49: much better surface

km55: now it's getting real fun

km77: estuary of Oued Massa

km155: better get some accommodation!

km161: sun down view from hotel in Taghazoute