You’ve just arrived in Morocco and can’t wait to get on a piste but you want something relatively easy to cut your teeth on?

This is it. The route is a very easy blue (non-technical), almost a green and is ideal for an evening run out after checking into your Chefchaouen hotel. It's suitable for 2wd vehicles together with an optional extension to take you to the ‘Ras el Ma’ springs that are the reason for the location of the town.

Then the next morning you can tackle the more challenging red (technical) ‘N30 Through the Horns’ route.

High-quality overview of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen's distinctive 'blue rinse' medina

km0: Steve Brazier nursing a sore back at the Azilan campsite

km2: this was shot early morning

km3: climbing higher over the valley

km4.5: new and old mosques

the crooked minaret of Chrifyene

distinctive thermocline on the descent into Chefchaouen

km18.5: Ras el Ma (or Head of Water) springs that supply Chefchaouen with water